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These 6 smartphones have the best battery life

Chinese manufacturer Huawei continues its rise to prominence even as the US market becomes increasingly difficult. The last flagship, the Huawei P20 Pro packs a 4, mAh battery into its slim, elegant body. Expectations for battery life were high after the Mate 10 Pro , and the newcomer didn't disappoint. Various tweaks and optimizations can be used to suit your habits and prolong the battery even more. The Mate 10 Pro's 4, mAh battery has lightning-fast quick charge capability. After 30 minutes the original accessory charges from 0 to 58 percent. With its power saving modes active, the smartphone is able to last two days.

However, be warned that the energy saving options can be less helpful depending on your use. The smartphone can safely provide more than 7 hours of screen time over one or even two days of use. The battery capacity is strong: In everyday use, you will easily be able to use the phone for two days with some left over. What do you think? Is there any other smartphone that deserves to be on this list? Feel free to let us know in a comment! Its not a rocket science to develop phone with mAh battery last hours SoT, quite oposite, its a shame and waste of system optimization.

You should rate the phone with average battery life per mAh, then it should be more accurate. Why would I care for that!? OEMs could use that info in marketing, but it's all. My only concern is will it last whole day, no matter what I do with it. So, when they say 7h of SoT, and " whole day" battery, that means it's not good enough for me.

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I've had 3 Huawei phones. Sold the 8 to a coworker who needed to replace a faulty older phone, so updated to the 9. From the enthusiastic comments I see that there are a lot many phones whose users can boast of great battery life. So that we can avoid them. I'm writing this from a Lenovo P2 which has a mah battery. GSM arena do in depths reviews of all phones and this tops the list. I'm coming from the 6P which we mediocre.

6 phones with the best battery life - Business Insider

This is the best I have ever used. The only phones with the best battery life are the ones with removable batteries. From the Stylo 2 on, the double-size battery is also user-replaceablea nice feature. So, you could have a spare battery charging externally while the phone is in use. I think it's the same one as in the V Where is the mate 8?!! Sure, real world test would be less, but none of these would last 48 hours even in standby mode.

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Here's a better article that doesn't even consider phones that are under mAh: I know this comment is a year old but damn you sound dumb. My moto z play with battery mod lasts 4 days easily with moderate to heavy use. The S7 note has a chance to throw a mah battery in it And with Lg smartphone products on the brink of total failure, Lg should have a phone with at least mah. Nobody wants to be screwing around with changing batteries.

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  6. Besides it interfers with the build quality. Lg take your time Im a Samsung owner but I have a few Lg products around the house that are great.

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    8. Really evaluate this next phones specs and what the people are looking for. No gimmicks. In the past I had an Xperia Z3 and using it continuously I was unable to get more than 3 hours of screen on time. I don't think it has really a good battery life. Now I use a Galaxy A5 and on same conditions I get 8 hours of continuous usage.

      The Galaxy S7 edge listed here could also be a good option but not as good as A5 because of its high resolution and speed, which consumes much power. Samsung Unpacked. So we decided to get all the big phones of together and give them a thorough going-over with some real-life-related tests to see which phone really is the longest-lasting.

      Which phones? There are five tests designed to really dig into those things many of you like that really eat away at your battery. Next up is video streaming.

      TOP 5 BEST Long battery Smartphones 2016 !!!

      These are all top phones, and all but one follow the usual high-end design trend of not giving you any access to the battery. The LG G4 is the anomaly. Any headaches of a battery going a bit rubbish after a year vanish instantly. What about capacity? Galaxy S6: On with the tests…. This is the simplest, least strenuous of four display-heavy tests.

      Video Wall

      We simply put a p video on the internal storage, and then played it back with Mxplayer on the Android devices and the integrated video player using iPhones. Read those may specs earlier? So why are these three so much better? Just feeling the phones after the test finished, it was pretty obvious. The iPhones, on the other hand, were cool enough to make you think they had just been sitting around for the last six hours. We expect Samsung may have put some clever trickery into the software, or perhaps even the workings of the Exynos processor, to improve performance for just this task.

      And, well, it seems that iOS is still way more efficient generally than Android. Next up is the slightly more intensive version of our first test. We streamed a video over YouTube using Wi-Fi. To give it a slightly different style to the local video test, we left the video playing in portrait, thereby taking up a bit less of the screen. The HTC One M9 continues to use the most power, and once again it was the hottest at the end of the minute run.

      The iPhones maintain a firm lead, though, and that the iPhone 6 Plus uses only half the amount of its reserves as the HTC One M9 is a bit of an eye-opener. Cranking things up a notch one more, we come to the gaming test. This an interesting one as it should take some manufacturer optimisation out of the question.

      As the hardware is pushed that bit closer to the extent of its capability, we start to deal a bit more with the pure efficiency or lack of of the components.

      Phones with best battery life (2016 edition)

      What we find is very interesting, a departure from our other results, at least among the Android devices. From being easily the worst-performing of the phones, the HTC One M9 does the best of all the Androids in this gaming test. So, why is this? We can offer some suggestions. Alternatively, the LG G4 has the weakest processor, meaning it may need to work that bit harder to make Epic Citadel sing. This is slightly alarming when in benchmarks the Samsung Galaxy S6 seems like the most powerful ever made, more-or-less.

      Once again, the iPhones are way ahead, particularly the frankly amazing iPhone 6 Plus, which uses half the capacity of the fastest-draining Android once again. admin