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Annotate dmxlog. Fix linking with tslib, with -Wl, --as-needed. Pad size of system memory copy for 1x1 pixmaps bug ModifyPixmapHeader pitch fixes. Always re-generate front buffer information when asked for it. Michel Hummel 3: Mitigate a race condition in clipboard thread initialization Mikhail Gusarov 3: Remove now-misleading comment Replace "if buf realloc buf, size else malloc size " with realloc Remove now-misleading comment Nicolas Kaiser Allow "MatchLayout" statements in config files Oliver Schmidt 1: Use memcpy for copy that has known length xkb: Fix memory leak if opening file fails xkb: Don't check for NULL before calling free xkb: Fix NULL pointer dereference xkb: Remove redurant intialization code xkb: Fix memory leak in error path xkb: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference xkb: Avoid call to NULL pointer render: Don't filter 0 return from GetTimeInMillis render: Enable animated cursor block handler only when needed composite: Only register the block handler when it is required composite: Remove unnecessary variable.

Fix wrapping for sprite screen mi: Fix the debug message mi: Register sprite damage handler only when required mi: Only register sprite block handler when needed udev: Fix removing of the wake up handler os: Fix a memory leak os: Remove copy paste code. Expose API to set drawable swap limit.

Fix shadow rotation crashing when screen pixmap changes Paulius Zaleckas 1: Fix error handlig in tslib driver Paulo Zanoni 7: Initialize darwin pointer valuators Peter Harris 1: Remove atom field from InputInfoRec. Check for existence of button class before dereferencing it. Remove extraOptions parameter from xf86CollectInputOptions. Merge branch 'master' into input-api dix: Re-export xf86CollectInputOptions.

Consolidated ChangeLog for X11R7.7

GetProximityEvents needs to check up to the last valuator dix: Merge branch 'for-peter' of git: Add a few comments explaining various cursor move functions. Fix two incorrect checks for master devices. Simplify retrieving the master device. Add IsFloating device wrapper. Switch to use IsFloating dix: Merge branch 'mi-cleanup' into next Add mode field to ConstrainCursorHarder include: Add mode field to pointer movement hooks. Document XkbWriteCountedString. CalcTracker only uses the tracker, thus only pass the tracker. Don't use short as bool dix: DeliverRawEvent xfree Only log the serial bytes if debug is on.

Remove devices that failed to enable on startup xfree NULL option values are technically valid, don't strdup them Initialize the fd to -1 for xorg. Terminate the log with one last message. Add smooth-scrolling support to GetPointerEvents Merge branch 'smooth-scrolling' into next dix: Fix a comment, the old function doesn't exist anymore dix: Don't let a driver without a ProximityClassRec post events include: RawTouchEnd is the last event now include: Update pointer limits for floating devices too render: Fix comment typo Revert "dix: IsFloating on master devices is always false os: Griffais 2: Revert "composite: Don't backfill non-MapWindow allocations" xfree Revert "os: Prevent backtrace from being stopped in noreturn functions.

Fix linking order of Xnest libraries. Add facilities for client ID tracking. Ensure that XKB device private won't leak on device disconnect. Release input device config info when the device disconnects. Ensure that stolen option list elements are released. Release XKB component names when compiling keymap. Initialize pad bytes sent in replies of geometry requests. Introduce helper function to handle similar reallocations.

Prevent leaking of XKB geometry information on copy. Prevent out of bounds access when recording a reply. Rob Clark 1: Don't assume we'll always have converted the clipboard selection after 2 attempts Ross Burton 1: Include manifest file in the dist tarball Sam Spilsbury 1: Remove the SendEvent bit 0x80 before doing range checks on event type.

Samuel Thibault 3: Fix use of deprecated iopl device Do not trap access to timer and keyboard xserver: Integer overflow for dashed lines longer than Fix xf86 backend-specific input initialization dix: Delete unused fbWalkCompositeRegion render: Delete renderedge. Delete fbCompositeGeneral wfb: Delete unused renamings fb: Delete a bunch more left-overs Require pixman 0. Delete PictureGradientColor render: Remove unused fields in the source picture structs render: Remove unused TriStrip and TriFan typedefs fb: Don't lose console events on non-evdev drivers linux: Don't lose console events on non-evdev drivers Tiago Vignatti Add macro for detecting thread local storage support.

Autodetect TLS support instead of defaulting to disabled. Tomas Carnecky 1: Man page syntax and spelling fixes. Ville Syrjala Provide a ModeSet hook dri2: Convert compWindowUpdate to use TraverseTree" composite: Add GetImage wrapper composite: Add SourceValidate wrapper composite: Support updating an arbitrary subtree dri2: Handle calloc failure dri2: Initialize borderClip with current values composite: Copy the window contents back from the pixmap composite: Recompute clipping when changing between manual and automatic redirection dri2: Don't send so many needless invalidate events composite: Inhibit window background paint with manual subwindow redirection dri2: Invalidate window pixmaps Yaakov Selkowitz 3: Improve XWinrc loading and error recovery Zhao Yakui 1: Fix an overflow bug of bit shift.

Fix a server crash when choosing a color with the gimp color wheel vdb picaros. BI style: Make iceauth manpage describe commands. Attempt to rename if link fails configure. Gaetan Nadon 2: Purge cvs tags. Make Makefile. Fix for non-srcdir builds. Dead code removal Maxim Iorsh 3: Support FontForge weight designations. Sun's copyrights belong to Oracle now config: Remove unnecessary calls from configure. Correct whitespace and indentation. Fix typo in function name check. Use Autoconf to check for utmp field existence.

Get rid of bzero calls. Replace them by memset. Get rid of SYSV definition. Just check for pututline. Only expose the sflag variable when needed. Fix whitespace inconsistencies.

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Gaetan Nadon 5: Fix non-srcdir builds. Potential bug and buffer overflow due to misused rules filename Use snprintf instead of trying to pre-measure sprintf result sizes. Set of macros converted to enum type. Mehdi Dogguy 1: Mention xkeyboard-config 7 in setxkbmap 1 Peter Hutterer 1: Fix crash when when -device is specified without argument Van de Bugger 9: Tabs replaced with spaces; trailing spaces deleted. Data refactored: Bug in searching config files fixed. Refactoring the help message.

Minor style fixes. Consistent handling of memory allocation errors. Few messages added for easier troubleshooting. Minor style changes in help message. Fix a possible NULL dereference in an error handler. Bug - x11perf: Doesn't build without libXft config: Clamp test time to positive values. Avoid "rep" calculation overflow. Merge fixes from git: Coding style cleanup to appease static analyzer Improved error handling for corrupt intensity profiles Dead code removal. Strip trailing whitespace Remove old XFree86 CVS id Add const attributes to fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings Fix -image argument parsing to not shadow "i" variable xcursorgen 1.

Use xcb for -queryExt instead of a round-trip per extension Strip trailing whitespace Add const attributes to fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings Remove unused function hasExtension Silence gcc complaint about being unable to check printf format string xdpyinfo 1. Show RandR events. Document that xgamma is useless on XRandr screens.

Org modules Rework si: Gaetan Nadon 4: Assume 'list' by default if no args given. Chase Douglas 2: Print XI2 device event child window in hex too Zero out entire mask when selecting for different events David Fries 1: Fix typo in man page for the --test-xi2 option. Gaetan Nadon Jeremy Huddleston 1: Print usage when run with --help Peter Hutterer Remove unneeded include.

Switch list to use an enum of printing formats. Add --name-only flag for 'xinput list'. Add --id-only flag for 'xinput list'. Silence compiler warning Initialize a few more values to defaults. Announce support for XI 2. Remove superfluous comment. Move my name to the top of the authors list Add support for device-to-screen mapping list: Support the new Scroll class Merge branch 'smooth-scrolling' list: Use the longest mask we can get test-xi2: Stop possible overflow in yyGetnumber. Don't make modifier lookup failure fatal Interp: Ignore NoSymbol definitions Bump to 1.

Allow uploading a keymap to a single device man: Improve description of device selection option Gaetan Nadon 7: Include strings. Inline the oiText macro in the only place it's used Peter Hutterer 3: Fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings xlsatoms 1. Dan Nicholson 1: Use memmove rather than bcopy. Search for the mode closes to the specified rate Matthias Hopf 1: Add --current to usage. Properly honor -nocpp xrdb 1. Create shell-escape-safe cpp options in the non-pathetic-cpp case.

Print pixel colors in hex not decimal Gaetan Nadon 5: Fix LP64 bug. Update links to License document to new mixed-case name fonts. Xorg 1 man pages Preliminary credits list Release Notes: Add note on grab debugging keystrokes in Xorg 1. Merge in credits for xkeyboard-config Release Notes: More new feature details Release Notes: Release Notes: Add dummy and glide as included video drivers Josh Triplett 1: Add id attributes to funcsynopsis to allow other docs to olink to them.

Cleanup IDs and links in doc informaltable cleanup informaltable cleanup informaltable cleanup Peter Hutterer 3: Set defs. ToC on separate page in pdfs. Add the names of the valuators for the multitouch properties Chase Douglas Daniel Kurtz 1: Clean up button code to number mapping Extend button mapping to full ranges Paulo Zanoni 2: Fix absolute events with swapped axes Fix relative events with swapped axes Pete Beardmore 1: Add ifdefs for pre ABI 12 support.

Move private init down. Return BadMatch for already configured devices. Bump to 2. Merge branch 'input-api' of git: De-duplicate event queue access. Fix valuator offset when posting absolute motion events. When posting buttons, post absolute valuators if we have them. Add proximity support. Use an array for the proximity bits. Input API 12 requires a valuator mode for each axis. Static atoms don't need to be initialized to 0.

Add third button emulation. Add a property to toggle function key mode Export device node as property. Require server 1. Release leaked XKB options on input device disconnect. Release leaked device identifier on input device disconnect. Remove constness of device filename to avoid warning when freed. Simon Thum 1: Tim Yamin 1: SwapAxes should rescale raw values when enabled. Update Sun license notices to current X. Org standard form Devin J. Pohly 1: Support input ABI 12 joystick 1. Sascha Hlusiak Trevor Woerner 2: Deprecated code cleanup.

Code cleanup, bad structure initialization. Remove paranoia about event processing during suspend linux: Removing unused variable kbdType. Fix print wscons type keyboard for Sun5 Do not print values of variables XkbRules etc. Make key codes for Sun Japanese keyboard match xkb-config mappings Matthieu Herrb 1: Peter Hutterer 9: Adjust to input ABI Fix wrong read Protocol and Device from xorg. Replace libc wrappers to xcalloc and friends with libc calls. Remove unused declaration of MouseUnInit.

Remove out-of-date comment. Remove refcnt field from InputDriverRec. Remove includes for protocol headers. Remove if 0'd out model. Remove a bunch of unnecessary log prints. Remove unused branch from if 1 condition. De-duplicate Option "Device" handling.

Use single exit path for PreInit. Move protocol ID detection into a separate function. Move a statement down to have all allocations close together. Remove a bunch of unused fields from the MouseRec. Rename xf86OSmouse. Remove write-only field mouseFlags. ABI 12 requires per-valuator modes. Adjust to new Input ABI Add synaptics orientation support Alan Coopersmith 3: Replace old index function with Cstandard strchr syndaemon. Support inverted scroll direction. Fix initialization code Casper Dik 1: Extra buttons on Acer Ferrari laptop touchpad are not recognized Chase Douglas Revert "Default to 2-finger emulation when HW supports it" Drain XRecord connection of any events after handling replies Allocate axis labels array dynamically Add touch device class support eventcomm: Initialize touch device and axes eventcomm: Read evdev events from mtdev where multitouch is available eventcomm: Add touch event handling Ensure delta computation does not go crazy Only move the cursor when one touch is on a touchpad Don't emit touch sequences if only one touch is active Don't initialize touch state if device does is not multitouch Don't initialize semi-multitouch devices for touch device class Revert "Replace the motion estimator" Allocate proto data in eventcomm-test Introduce SynapticsHwStateAlloc and SynapticsHwStateFree Transition eventcomm-test to new SynapticsHwState instantiation scheme Allocate SynapticsHwStruct for local function use Allocate SynapticsPrivate.

Fix coasting friction Christoph Brill 2: Stop scrolling if not exactly two fingers on touchpad. Shuffle include order around Bump minimum xorg-server requirement to 1. Prepare ScrollData for smooth scrolling Scroll: Revert "build: Include a build for solaris Patrick Curran 1: Support the new input api. Merge branch 'input-api' Bump to 1. Don't report all options unconditionally. Move delta calculation for trackstick out.

Factor out delta calculation into a static func. Factor out edge speed calculation. Merge branch 'devel' into merge synaptics 1. Require macros 1. Add some tests for HW state changes.

nokia clamp helper

Only build tests when unit tests are enabled. Export device node as property. Remove superfluous message. Merge branch 'clickpad-v3' synaptics 1. Fix coasting speed Stop coasting when two-finger scroll begins Simon Thum 4: Add hysteresis-based noise reduction reshuffle details on acceleration in the man page for increased readability add some acceleration-related info to the man page add a few comments to ComputeDeltas Takashi Iwai 1: Fix 64bit arch issue in synaptics eventcomm. Add 'include' directory for test. Remove superflouous assignment. Move passthrough initialization out into a separate function.

ABI 12 requires valuator modes to be specified. Move allocation of mPriv down. Make the modinfo sring contain an optional subpatch number Make the. Zack Rusin 2: Adjust the kernel name in the udev file. Add mode field to xf86InitValuatorAxisStruct. Don't assume that FB address registers are initialized properly. Chen 4: Don't allow the config file to override BIOS location kms: Fix textures larger than 2k Alex Deucher Add initial EXA and Xv support for evergreen evergreen: UMS modesetting fixes evergreen: Fix vline setup with crtc offsets update man page with new marking names man: Egbert Eich 2: Hans Verkuil 1: Maarten Lankhorst 1: Fix reporting of pageflip completion events on multi-head.

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Bugfix for pageflip consistency check. Mark Kettenis 1: Correct spelling and grammar Marton Balint 1: Add missing call to vbeFree bug Matthieu Herrb 1: Don't try to delete DRI2 event list entries that were never added. Bug Fix another stray xfree call. Re-use result of GetScreenPixmap call. Fix incorrect CS size in one textured video path. Bug Fix KMS textured video leaks bug Fix crash freeing KMS video memory. Slightly improve xserver version check. Revert "kms: Some cleanups for the scheduling mess.

Cache BO tiling flags. Fix output properties logic error. Prefer the CRTC of the primary output for synchronization. Change my e-mail address to something that still works, and always will, I hope. Make sure 2D state is re-emitted after running out of CS space. Avoid running out of CS space at inconvenient times. The program provides professional-grade illustration and desktop publishing features, while placing an emphasis on ease-of-use and affordability.

With the innovative new Symbol Gallery, users can instantly browse and insert over fun and attractive vector CeledyDraw 2 Release. Key functions: Besides, you can use it to convert any DVD disc and common video fil Download iRoot 2. Direct download iRoot apk is now available and you can download English iRoot for your android smart phones and tablets.

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Unlike other rooting tools, iRoot gets upgraded at a higher rate. Download iroot latest version at http: Now you can download iRoot v1. The developers released this updated iroot download tool after checked it successfully using thousand of android devices. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Unix. Atrise ToRTF 2. Windows WordPad, Microsoft Word 2 , 6. No Microsoft Office installed is required.

Optimized for dual-core CPU. The program has very easy and efficient user interface and fast multithreading engine. Simply drag and drop your files or folderss from Windows Explorer to the program window to begin. Atrise ToRTF. HXTT Access v1. It supports concurrent database connections, and is thread safe. Nov Location: Jan Posts: Offline Thanks Meter: Digg del. Posting Rules. Similar Threads. Seeking for flash nokia old version 3 version can exchange for new. New Nokia Software!!!!!!! Need software upgrade for Nokia LinkBack URL. About LinkBacks. Digg this Thread!

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