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New examples are provided throughout the book to better explain the more complex material to the reader. Additional problems have also been added to those already appearing at the ends of the chapters to make the book more suitable for course instruction. Gordon L. Pettit Chair Professor. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Free Preview. Provides an updated textbook for university graduate-level courses teaching mobile communications or wireless communication Offers a rigorous study in the fundamentals and principles of wireless communication, with homework problems throughout Includes new content on 4G cellular systems, 5G cellular outlook, bandpass signals and systems, and polarization among many other topics and a new chapter on channel assignment techniques see more benefits.

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Cellular Mobile Communication - CMC Study Materials

Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this Textbook This mathematically rigorous overview of physical layer wireless communications is now in a 4th, fully revised and updated edition.

The book does not address issues such as capacity planning and mobile system deployment issues such as cell design, coverage, handoff handling etc. This does not represent any problem since the book is quite comprehensive in its category and in what it covers.

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They provide a clearly written text accompanied by illustrative figures and excellent explanation of the fine details of the covered topics. CDMA-based mobile communication systems are known to have used all known tricks known to wireless communication system designers.

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Firstly, it was a tough call to realize such a system in the first place, and secondly use CDMA to boost cellular system capacity. While the book is not divided into part, it can conceptually be divided into three parts: The book first addresses the key issues in any wireless mobile communication system such as path loss, multipath fading, limited spectrum, etc.

The CDMA concept is then explored with an explanation of the orthogonal spreading technique and how the same frequency and time can be used by several channels by spreading by orthogonal codes.

The problem with this part however is that it lacks explanation of why CDMA was long regarded as unfeasible in the cellular environment and its usage was mainly confined to multiple access in applications such as military and satellite communications. The role of power control and how it can overcome the near-far problem needs to be mentioned. This comparison could have revealed some of the inherent advantages of CDMA for cellular communications. The block diagram of the CDMA transceiver is then provided and a discussion about each functional block is outlined.

Cellular Mobile Communication - CMC Study Materials | PDF FREE DOWNLOAD

In the second part of the book Ch. This is a very detailed reference for all aspects of the system design. The final part of the book covers two important topics. The second topic is on advanced CDMA mobile radios. Techniques for image rejection in a heterodyne receiver, digital IS, and direct conversion receivers are provided. admin