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Essentially, it's just another security protocol. Make sure that port isn't blocked since that's the port that IKEv2 uses. It's a more robust protocol, and doesn't suffer from the same security flaws as the other alternative protocols. It's faster, too. However, IKEv2 tunnels are extremely fast relative to other security protocols. It's far superior to - and more secure than - other, weaker protocols.

Depending on the device and the provider you choose, it may not be an option.

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Though PPTP does provide some weak protection which is better than no protection it can be cracked. If your BlackBerry device runs Android, then the sky's the limit with regards to the protocol options at your disposal.

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Before stumbling upon this article, I bought a 1-month access via HumbleBundle from PrivateInternetAccess luckily they weren't expensive to try how it works on my phone. Unfortunately, they did not offer any help in setting it up for BB and even if I could run their Android app on BB, I'm very reluctant to native Android apps are usually battery hogs. Then I found hide.

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You can even configure the factory VPN app to connect automatically on just selected connections. After signing up I couldn't figure out what to do next. I was given the option of downloading their software for Windows or their software for iOS. I contacted the company - they responded immediately by chat - and they said there is no version that I can download and that will work.

They are cancelling my payment.

I had to copy down and follow some detailed instructions in order to install it. The VPN45 advertising material says it makes my browsing invisible; my interest was actually to protect me from hackers when I'm in public places. Hopefully it does both. Hi Doug, Thanks for the feedback.

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I will be anxiously waiting for someone to reply. Is there any VPN available for mi. If yes suggest me best one. Due lack of VPN I face a lot of trouble. Skip to main content. Free VPN. Free VPN Software. Mobile VPN Connection. Bucklor vpn's site is closed so we need another. Free vpn for z Good vpn.

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I want vpn for my blackberry z Have you found new vpn for BlackBerry 10 bucklor not working. What's is the username and password. I dont the username and password part. Helloo please send for me free vpn for blackberry q5. I need vpn to use in blackberryz10 as conect facebook and so on