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Best regards, Oscar. Kids are happy once again!! In my book it's a apple issue. IMF just joined. Hotz1 Member. So if you change the encryption settings, you may need to tell your iOS device to "forget" that network and rediscover it, before it will connect properly.

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SirThor newbie. I perhaps have a different problem. I'm unable to login to my routers through webfig from either inside the network or from the web via static IP. I'm using iPhone4s or iPad iOS6. Did not have a problem prior to upgrade. I realize that it seems like it is an Apple issue but it is odd that an IOS6 device wont connect to an MT router but will be able to connect to a linksys or belkin or, etc.

iPhone Will Not Connect To A Known Wi-Fi Network, Fix

There has to be some underlying issue that is causing this and it would be nice if MT could dig into it and find out what is causing it. Thanks, Chadd. We have tested ipad2 and iphone4s and they were able to connect fine to the AP.

Fix: Cannot Automatically Connect To Wi-Fi

The only problem we have noticed that after some time it can't ping the gateway, lot of ping timeouts, removing from registration table helps maybe for a minute maybe. Rebooting the AP also helps maybe for a minute.

iPad cannot connect to Unifi WiFi

Rest of the clients that are connected to the AP are working without problem. As soon as you reboot the IOS device it works without problems. And again till that time when it again can't ping the AP. It happens not so often, once or two times a week. Didn't see such problem with IOS5. This is on and routers running 5. I have had a few calls from people who got Ipads for Christmas, I have to log into their routers remotely and disable tkip and turn on AES. This sounds easy but most of the time people aren't tech savy enough to even reconnect printers and other devices that need to have settings changed to match the new security settings.

iphone 6, 6 plus sin wifi señal débil. SOLUCIÓN

Unfortunately we still have issues with key exchange timeouts when running AES so it is a double edge sword. It would be great if you guys could keep looking into this because it is a real problem. All I know is that Apple won't do anything to fix it and unfortunately there are a lot more apple devices out there than MT so they will just ignore the problem and tell customers to buy a different router. Are your customers running ios6 or ios 6. The iphone5 was replaced by my local apple store for a brand new one WPA security issues are a know issue with apple and they replaced the phone free of charge.

I have one SSID which is broadcasted and without security. I have tried to disable the Captive Portal on my router and try connecting without any authentication on the network, but i still get the same issue.

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I have tried connecting with several different iPads, but they are all with the same iOS version. On the iPad i have set network settings to default, but still the issue persist. I have also tried adding the URLs: And why could i connect, all my other apple devices? I have an iPhone 5S, iPhone 4, iPad So given that you can connect all your other iOS devices, what makes you think the problem is with the AP?

Problems connecting to Centurylink Wirele… - Apple Community

View solution in original post. I am thinking it is actually something with the iPad if other devices can connect fine. I have tried to "Reset Network Settings" on the iPads i am trying to connect to the network. And unfortunatly it is still not working. This morning there was an iPhone, which yesterday and the day before that could connect to the WiFi just fine, but now it is doing the same thing as the iPads when trying to connect.

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I know some poeple have said turning it on has allowed them to connect, but I have found that turning it off is the key. As long as you don't have any B devices, you will be fine. I have tried to turn on the Legacy support and turning off again, and then reset networksettings on iPad and try, but it still not working. I tried the same with Legacy support turned on, but it still not working. I am beginning to think this my be caused by the iOS version on the iPads and iPhones? Could that be a plausible cause?

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  4. This is the primary issue that keeps ios devices from being able to pass through captive portals. I just used my iphone iOS7 to use a voucher and it worked. It did take a couple time to get the iphone to latch to the network but I think that's because I have other networks remembered so it kept using them. Hmm, my 5s has no issues with guest or non-guest networks 7.

    Re: iPad cannot connect to Unifi WiFi

    It doesn't even switch to my non-guest network when the portal comes up, even if I make a new SSID it's never before connected to. Same behaviour if I forget network settings. My guest network is open, built in portal, voucher access. That was on UniFi v3. It's found in the Guest Controls area of Settings. The only other thing I can tell you is to change the network security to open so that the network is open.

    What iOS version are running on the iPads and iPhone? What hardware version of each device? Are other devices connecting fine? Feel free to try the latest beta if you wish. It's version 3. You can easily connect to the Internet wirelessly by using a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone. Known Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi networks your iPhone has successfully connected with previously, will be joined automatically because your iPhone will remember its credentials.

    As it is expected, a lot of users find this feature very convenient. Are you having Wi-Fi problems at home or in your office? Do not worry. There are some things you can do to get it to work. See also: Comcast etc or c your Wi-Fi connection e. To do this, see your routers manual. Also update your iPhone.

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