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As always, you need some headphones plugged in, though that doesn't mean to say that you can't play music through the rear speaker.

Samsung I Galaxy S III mini review: Gallery, multimedia, audio quality

In terms of functionality, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini found every station we expected it to. The app interface is also well designed, and we loved the ability to record the station, for playback later. We mentioned in our Samsung Galaxy S3 review that the stock video player was by far one of the best we have seen around, so we weren't surprised to see that carried over to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. It comes with support for H.

The round buttons are large enough on the smaller screen and the slider is easy to use. True movie aficionados will want the high end devices, but we didn't find the screen detracted from the movie experience. One of Samsung's biggest selling points on all newer Galaxy devices, which is present on the Galaxy S3 Mini, is the Pop Up Player, accessed by the small button in the bottom right. In all honesty we can't see it being used a lot on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, it seems to be a feature that would be more at home on the Samsung Galaxy Note That said, it was handy on the off chance that one of our three friends had texted us when we were halfway through watching Eastenders.

Ice Cream Sandwich and TouchWiz

DLNA streaming is also present in the video player, providing a much slicker experience than the music player. Overall, despite not being a flagship, market leading device, Samsung has put a lot of attention into the little details that make the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini a joy to use.

Given that HTC has Watch, Apple has iTunes, and the Play Store now has a movies section, we can see why Samsung wants to get in on the movie download and streaming market. In all though, we don't see why. If Samsung really wants to make a lot of money from Video, we'd have to say that it's going to have to do a bit more work. It was once a dedicated app on the Samsung Galaxy S2. Select "More" and expand the context menu. Select download from the menu to transfer the files to your mobile device.

Now that you have moved new files to the device the media library must be updated. Home screen. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon. Select "Music Player". Navigate to the Music Square tab. Access the menu by tapping the "Menu" button. Tap Library Update. The library update sequence will detect which files are new to the device hard drive.

This may take a few minutes, depending on the number of new files.

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  • We explain how to set your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to play the music you're in the mood to hear!

Any media downloaded to the Galaxy S3 is stored on the internal hard drive. Music is stored in the Music folder by default. Yes No I need help 2 Externally. Data can be backed up on external sources such as desktop computers, cloud services, and microSD cards. The Galaxy S3 has a microSD slot under the back panel of the device.

Open the back and slide the card into the designated slot until it clicks. Now files can then be moved from internal storage to the SD card by the following steps: From the Home screen, select "Apps. Open "My Files. The default name of the internal storage device is SDCard0. Select this drive. Locate and Open the Music Directory. Open "Menu. By default, the external drive is named ExtSDCard. Open the destination folder. Tap "Move Here. Desktop Computer.

Connect Data Cable. Attach the USB cable to the ports previously described. Open the mobile device in the file explorer. Navigate to the music folder. Drag and drop files to the desktop or PC download location. Yes No I need help 3 In the Cloud. Again, any cloud service works with the instructions described here. Google Drive. The cloud storage used in the previous steps can be used to transfer files to a PC from the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Music Square Function

The following steps start with the S3. You can also download the drive app from Google Play.

These steps are mostly the same except that instead of browsing to drive. Log in or create a Google Drive account from the Galaxy S3. Select the Upload files icon. Choose which files you want to upload from the file explorer. Access Google Drive from PC. Download files to PC backup location.

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Yes No I need help 2 Tap the "Apps" icon to get to the music application. This will lead you to Music Square. Yes No I need help 4 Navigate to the Music Square tab to choose the kind of music you want to select and make changes to. Yes No I need help 5 Tap the Music Square you want to select and it will open the music available, so you can select the music you need to move or add.

Yes No I need help 7 Add your selections to a playlist, or just create a new file for your music selections from the menu. You can name it depending on the kind of music you have selected. Yes No I need help 8 You can now enjoy playing the list of your selections from the device.

Yes No I need help 9 Repeat the same procedure if you want to edit the selections, by adding more or removing any from the list of your choice to your playlist. Yes No I need help 10 You can add or remove any music selection from the list when you tap the music file and then you remove or add. Yes No I need help Note: You can also edit the music selections of your Samsung Galaxy S3 by creating a playlist to help you enjoy your favorite music from your device. This process is detailed below. On your Galaxy S3, you can select a playlist from any home screen, and listen to the music according to your mood.

Your Galaxy S3 has nearly 50 GB of capacity. So, you can keep hundreds of songs to enhance your day. How to add a song to your Music Square Playlist: Add a song to your playlist by touching and dragging the song to the music folder on your Galaxy S3 from your PC:.

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This is a common issue for some S3 users. If Music Square does not work for you, and you have at least 25 songs in your library, here's a fix you can try that has been proven to work for people with similar problems. Yes No I need help Transfer all of your music files from your phone's internal memory to your SD card. Using your default file explorer, My Files, go to Device storage and locate the music files. Put a check mark on the boxes beside the music files to select them.

You can select all files in a specific folder by opening the folder and tapping on the Menu button.

The "Select All" option will be displayed; just tap on it. Once selected, tap on the "More Options" button icon with three horizontal lines on the upper-right part of your screen. From the list of options, tap on "Move" and open the desired folder on your external memory SD card. Once you are on the folder, tap on "Move Here" to move the selected files to that location. You are done transferring music files from your internal memory to your SD card.

Reinsert the battery alone; do not include the SD card. Do not put on your back cover yet. Turn your phone on again. After clearing data and cache, insert the SD card back into your device. Go to the Apps list and open the Music Player application. Go to the Music Square tab. Songs will now start loading and you can use Music Square. You will need to have at least 25 songs on your device in order for Music Square to begin working.

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How Do I Use Music Square on My Samsung Galaxy Device?

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Samsung Notes. Samsung Notes allows you to memo nicely and draw fabulous paintings with a S Pen. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile. Smart Switch Content transfer Tool is preloaded. Music player.