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Plus, you can use tons of marvel heroes, a little better than the 2 Initiative has put forward so far.

I have maxed out both Hulk and Captain America. I gave up on the game quite some time ago. Really liked its potential, but Marvel has completely cast it aside.

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Apple's Free App of the Week: Marvel's Avengers Initiative | iPhone in Canada Blog

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Marvel Avengers Initiative - Captain America Official Trailer - HD

DC Marvel Unlimited vs. Year Two Rebirth: Year Three Dark Nights: You are here: There really could be more of us… The Current Champion: Support For Comic Book Herald: Comments Who is the next avenger to be on the game as the 3 episode? Thanks for the comment!

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Steve Rogers's alter ego has all the customisation options that you'd expect, including combat upgrades and a choice of costumes. As part of this new content update, the aforementioned Hulk has had a wardrobe overhaul. This means Dr Bruce Banner can choose to sport - among other new get-ups - an intriguing-sounding "Mr Fixit" outfit.

The Avengers iPhone App that changed Movie gaming

Presumably, he repairs things by punching them. The update also includes support for iOS devices with Retina displays and the iPhone 5's larger screen; Russian language support; and lots of general bug fixes.

The Over Nerds Episode 29 – It’s Finally Here!!

Oh, and if you are wondering who the stars of the next instalments in the Avengers Initiative will be, look away now By Jeremy Thackray.

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