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Even when an iPhone has a telephoto lens, the max zoom is very similar to iPhones with only a wide-angle lens because Magnifier uses the regular wide-angle lens since it can focus better at closer ranges.

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Besides zooming, there are plenty of different options to choose from to help you see what you're looking at better. You can press the lightning bolt icon to turn on the flash which will stay on until you turn it off or exit the Magnifier app , lock and unlock exposure by tapping on the focal point or the lock icon, and adjust brightness and contrast by hitting the filter icon. No matter which filter you choose, you can use the sliders to adjust brightness top slider and contrast bottom slider. Once you have it how you want it, you can press the shutter button to take a photo.

If your Home screen icons are magnified on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

The resulting static image will fill the entire screen, and you can tap the preview image to bring up the zoom controls again, which work even on this still image preview. The shutter button's outer circle will be highlighted yellow, indicating it's not in camera mode but in viewing mode. After you "take" a photo to view, it won't go to your Photos app and will only reside in the Magnifier app until you press the shutter icon again, in which case you start over. However, you can take screenshots which you can access later just like any other screenshot.

The results of how clear an image is, as well as colors, will vary depending on which type of iPhone you have. For instance, you can see the iPhone X S Max below looks slightly blurred compared to the iPhone X, and that could be because of how Apple's newer models "beautify" faces and such with smooth edges. In a side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus, you can see that the iPhone 7 Plus definitely has a sharper image, though it doesn't seem to zoom in quite as much as the iPhone 6 Plus did — which is probably a good thing, to prevent too many details being lost.

How Do I Make the Icons Bigger on iPhone?

Step 1: Enable Magnifier You can enable it by going into the Settings app, then choosing "General," then "Accessibility. Pinch to Zoom.

How to fix - iPhone Stuck in Zoom mode

This is probably what most are familiar with and comfortable doing. To Pinch to Zoom, you start with two your fingers close together on the iOS device.

I typically recommend the thumb and pointer finger. Then, if you spread your fingers apart, the content gets bigger underneath. You can do this gesture several times to get the content bigger so that way it is easier for you to read. Smart Zoom. This is probably the second most popular way to get the content bigger. Wherever you want the content to appear bigger, double tap on the display with one finger. The content automatically appears bigger and it is zoomed in so it fits evenly on the display.

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You do not have to adjust the screen or move the content around on the screen. It automatically fits in. You will go to Settings, and then General. When you press Text Size, down on the bottom you have a slider which you can use to adjust the font.

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Adjust the slider to the right to make the font bigger, and adjust the slider to the left to make the font smaller. If you actually go into Accessibility there will be a button that says Larger Type. Developers now have the option to have the font size be controlled by this setting. Be it on the Home Screen, the Settings app, in the App Store to read the App descriptions, word games, cooking apps, etc.

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It just works. Go to Settings, General and Accessibility.

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Tap on Zoom and slide Zoom on. Now to actually Zoom on the screen you would Double-tap with three fingers. To Zoom out Double-tap with three fingers.

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